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Paulownia Shan Tong Plantation Bulgaria

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       Paulownia Shan Tong
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Shipping of 40.000 Paulownia plants
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Requirements of Paulownia regarding the plantation site

The location factors and climatic conditions are rarely ideal, but can often be through appropriate measures ...

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Planting date

Our Paulownia seedlings are available with green leaf composition in the plant containers. These young plants are very susceptible to frosts and should only be planted if no late frosts are ...

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Taking care of Paulownia

If the Paulownia is planted for value timber production, some nurturing recommendations should be considered to achieve optimum planting success ... 

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Soil preparation

Paulownia is a demanding plant. Therefore, a correspondingly careful preparation of the soil has a very positive impact on their growth. Depending on the location and planting concept different ...

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Intercropping with Paulownia

This is a recent agricultural concept called intercropping, which is especially interesting for areas with high solar radiation. Here the crop is operated between rows of trees grown in broad distance.

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Planting scheme

Your strategy decides. There can be two different cultivation strategies for Paulownia ... 

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Especially in the early years Paulownia requires many nutrients to be able to develop properly. This results in the need to optimize the ...

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While having a good supply of potassium, Paulownia is very economical with water. Its profound taproot should be able to gather water even more from several meters of depth ...

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Short Rotation Coppice

Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) is a plantation cultivation of fast-growing trees on agricultural land. In Germany this is currently done mainly with ...

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