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Paulownia Shan Tong Plantation Bulgaria

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       Paulownia Shan Tong
       at -25° frost resistant

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Shipping of 40.000 Paulownia plants
A new Paulownia Plantage is created

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Responsibility for society and the environment

Our corporate philosophy

The Cathaia International GmbH and Co. KG (Cathaia) set itself the fixed goal of spreading of the Paulownia in Europe and worldwide, to promote and to establish them as economic tree species in our latitudes.

Cathaia - Paulownia - Philosophy

This goal can only be achieved together, and we're working closely together with agricultural, forestry and wood processing industry, competent authorities and the public consultatnts. We promote academic and public research projects around the Paulownia.

In contrast to renewable resources, fossil and mineral resources of our planet are finite. Renewable raw materials are a part of our nature, and it is our firm belief that these can only be produce sustainable if we do it in harmony with nature. To prevent the exploitation of nature, it is our commitment to find solutions that protect nature and yet are capable to supply mankind with raw materials it needs for its life. Paulownia is the tree with which we come a little this goal closer. Due to its rapid growth and high-quality wood it can improve the supply of the wood resource and at the same time protect valuable natural forests areas.

Cathaia means trust. The origins of our company lie in trading city of Hamburg and shape our vision as a honorable merchant. This means we bear not only the responsibility for our own company, but we are also aware about the responsibility for the society and the environment we bear as a merchant.

Cathaia means international engagement. We manage plantations and support projects in more than a dozen countries on three continents. Again, we uphold the principle that success can be achieved only by working together, since nobody knows the local people as well as the local people themselves. People need a counterpart, who can answer their questions and help them when needed. For this reason, we cooperate with regional partners, with whom we implement projects together.

Cathaia means partnership. Those who want to produce high-quality Paulownia value wood, need the expertise and support over the entire life cycle of their plantation, from planting until the harvest. We are standing by your side at the plantation operation at all times, so that every plantation becomes a success.

Cathaia means getting everything from one source. In order to be able to meet our high quality standards, we use exclusively Paulownia plants from our own production for our projects. The seedlings for the European market comes completely from German production. This ensures that the plants used are high-quality, perfectly matched to the respective location, healthy and resilient and therefore guarantee a fast growing high-quality timber.

Cathaia means future-oriented. We focus our work not only on the here and the now, but we rather want to actively shape the future. In order for the future generations to come upon a livable planet, we encourage innovation around the production and utilization of renewable resources. Through efficient farming and sustainable usage, the nature and environment can be protected for future generations. For this purpose, we support research projects of universities and public institutions and establish global networks that help to put these into practice.



Our philosophy

The Cathaia set itself the fixed goal of spreading of the Paulownia in Europe and worldwide, to promote and to establish them as economic tree species ...

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