Paulownia Shan Tong Plantation

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Paulownia Shan Tong Plantation Bulgaria

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       Paulownia Shan Tong
       at -25° frost resistant

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Shipping of 40.000 Paulownia plants
A new Paulownia Plantage is created

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Provide adequate nutrients on the site

Soil fertilization a Paulownia Plantation

Especially in the early years Paulownia requires many nutrients to be able to develop properly. This results in the need to optimize the nutrient supply of the site accordingly.

Soil fertilization - Paulownia plantation


A soil analysis must provide certainty about the supply sufficiency of the particular soil, at least with the nutrients phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, as well as the current pH-value. If here a first imbalances occur already, it must be remedied by appropriate fertilizing measures.
During the growth of Paulownia attention must be paid to a regular proper supply of nitrogen and potassium, whereby chlorine-containing potassium fertilizers should not be used because they can pose a negative influence on Paulownias.




Especially in the early years Paulownia requires many nutrients to be able to develop properly. This results in the need to optimize the ...

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